Performance optimization to the company might be a really god idea

My partner and I are currently looking for ways to improve sales and strategy for our company as the last few months did not go as we expected. We are a newly started design bureau since October with four employees and we are now discussing if we should contact someone about something called performance optimization for our company to learn how we could do better on the market.

None of us have any idea how this performance optimization works. My partner heard of it through a friend who had his company optimized by experts on this subject. The number of costumers were increased markedly and thereby of course also his income. He learned some fundamental techniques to use and they obviously did work.

As I said earlier we are a new company with no experience, I did hear though, that by letting yourself and your employees get performance optimization and learn the basic rules of so from experts you’ll get the experience of many years immediately. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I definitely think we should contact someone who could help our design bureau with some performance optimization so that we could improve both our sales but also ourselves.